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Peer van Gennip

It is not easy to choose a couple of pieces from Peer van Gennep’s artwork. I finally decided on three of his figurative pieces, but I will definitely advise you to check out his website and have a look at his abstract works. Peer van Gennep’s work can also be viewed at the sculpture garden ‘Ruimte in beeld’ in Nuenen. And from the 4th of January 2015 onwards, also at Roba Gallery in St. Hubert. Information about the artwork featured here null Title: On the rocks 5 null Size: 80 x 15 x 15 nullMaterial: Belgian bluestone null Price range: €500 – €1500 null Title: On the rocks 7 null Size: 100 x 15 x 15 nullMaterial: Belgian bluestone null Price range: €500 – €1500 null Title: On the rocks 3 null Size: 60 x 20 x 20 null Material: Belgian bluestone null Price range: €500 – €1500