up to 500.-

Titi Zaadnoordijk

I always have to smile when I see the work of Titi Zaadnoordijk. Her combination of simplicity and 

humor is very effective. 

Visit her website to see more of her work. And if you are near Hamburg halfway through January 2015, her work and new artist book will be on display at the 10th Norddeutschen Handpressenmesse (January 16th – 18th, 2015).

Information about the artwork featured here

null Title: Hond (left side image)
null Size:  34 x 42 centimeters
null Technique: Linocut (editions: 8)
null Price range: below €500

null Title: Vleermuis (rechter afbeelding)
null Size: 32 x 27 centimeters
null Technique: Linocut (editions: 11)
null Price range: below €500




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